Dearly Beloved.

Yesterday was another day full of inspiration at the conference. I filled all but 6 pages of a legal pad with notes. I can’t wait to get to the office today and check out my preloaded flash drive and see what I have there. I can’t wait to share these thoughts with my co-workers, with Mark for the PAS (non-profit where he is president-elect of the board), to share with my LTYM:OKC team. I have so many amazing idea swirling, creative juices flowing, dang it feels good!

Last night after the conference I spent some hours with my favorite girls at my old salon. I got fresh hair and fresh skin. I really took to heart the self-care stuff. My facial was beyond needed. My girl told me, “Your skin is tired. It’s emotionally tired, does that make sense?”

Oh sister does it ever.

She followed that up with,”nothing that isn’t correctable with a weekend, a night with friend, a bottle of wine, a bottle of water.”

She listed off all of the things that I know re-fill my soul.

Most all of the things that await me starting tomorrow with the wedding festivities.

I was so full of energy and excitement and love that I came right home and (after making dinner for us-thankgodforcrockpotsthat’sawholenutherpost) sat down and wrote out the “sermon” portion of the ceremony.

It’s such an honor to be a part of this launch, to be asked to be a steward of this love and to participate in this way. And though I’m only an internet pastor, I take it very seriously. I’ll be tweaking the words, probably hourly, between now and Saturday night. But I feel good about what I wrote.

Their hashtag for all things internet is #wynntheschemswed

Just in case you wanna follow along.

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