Wedding Weekend is FINALLY HERE!

It’s here! It’s Here! IT’S HERE!!!

The weekend wedding of Maggie and Chris has finally arrived. The friends are back in town. Planes have landed. Steamers have been procured. Xanax prescriptions have been refilled.

We’re good to go.

Today’s events include but are not limited to: a Bridal luncheon for the bridal party (and minister) given by the brides aunt. I’m familiar with this particular aunt. I used to do her hair a bit and haven’t seen her since I quit that industry so that’ll be fun. Tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Cattlemen’s then tomorrow is the big day! What’s more, yesterday was Wedding Adam. In our group text, I asked all of the Wynn Sisters, why the hell are we all working and not at Buffalo Wild Wings?

See…that’s kind of how this whole thing started a few years ago. Well, it’s how all of the Sisters merged, officially. I’m not the only one that claims a sisterhood to this family. There are more like me. Many many, more. And some years ago on Christmas Adam we all randomly gathered after work at BWW, had some wings, had some beers and bonded like there was no tomorrow. It became our thing. Sometimes the only time we were all together was at Christmas Adam festivities.

This year has been a lovely one with more opportunities for face to face gatherings what with celebrating the happy couple and prepping for this weekend! Haley said yesterday, “its it bad that I’m already sad it’s going to be over?”

I think we all feel that way just a little, not because we aren’t in the moment and aware of how precious it all is, but because we all love each other so much and we are hyper aware of how sacred and special this weekend will be. Love like this is thick and sticky and will cling to you like the sap from the Griswolds’ Christmas tree. It will be on you and in you long after the last sparkler goes out, long after the last sip of beer and the last strain of George Strait float off like pieces of flotsam and jetsam.

This weekend will be the one where we all get new stories to tell at Christmas Adam 2013.

I for one cannot wait.

“remember when Maggie and Chris got married? Pass the hotwings.”


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