Insert Title Here

I feel less than creative in terms of writing this morning.

I can’t even think of a title for the post.

But we’re over halfway into NaBloPoMo and I’m not quitting, so here we are.

I could tell you about last night, our house was warm and cozy, full of smells and friends. Food and drink apleanty, ending with music and song and it was soul filling. I took this picture with my iphone and once again am reminded about how I wish I had a real camera.

Happy Hands
Happy Hands


We had spiked cider and hot music and the ice outside didn’t stand a chance.

I wish you could all have been here.


I could write about the bloody nose and cat vomit experience that began my day at 7am. But I don’t think we need more than that, do you?

I could tell you that I really really really want this print for my office. 

We could talk about our Thanksgiving menu that Taryn and I texted each other about this morning, deciding what we were cooking, who was bringing what.

I’m making a cherry pie for my dad and some cranberry salsa/creme cheese delicious thing and bringing the stuff for the turkey brine. I’m making Marks favorite oatmeal raisin cookies (blergh) this weekend. I’ll probably make some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies too.


I could tell you that today will consist of getting a new phone (for me) maybe new hiking boots (my birthday present from Mark) and stopping at the grocery for the cookie supplies. Maybe you should know we’re talking about seeing a movie. I really want to see About Time, have any of you seen it?


All of this is kind of boring and doesn’t seem blog post worthy.

Except that this is what my life looks like these days. It’s really nice to have time to be boring. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need another cup of hot tea. There’s a game on tv, two cats sleeping on the couch beside me and I’ve got a book to finish. (I restarted the Outlander book…and the next one in the series was pushed back to June for release so I could totally re-read the whole series before that one comes out.)

happy boring Saturday to you!


4 thoughts on “Insert Title Here

  1. Happy Boring Saturday!!
    My day started with heading out to pick up a huge supply of farm fresh pork for the freezer…Until I got a *grumble grumble grumble* flat tire!! Thankfully, Frank was not at work yet and could come out and trade vehicles and get me on my way to the processing plant. He was a sweetie and changed my tire too!

    Boring Saturday is now errand filled Saturday leading into Red Molly Sunday 🙂


  2. Oh, and, you know what? Regarding the camera thing maybe you buy a high end point and shoot but you also buy the consumer level version of Photoshop because you can make some real magic happen there, too.


    1. Yeah, we’ve already got the software. He’s the software/it guru ya know. His heart is pretty settled on a few , so who knows what we’ll get! I’m excited though!


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