Nikon or Cannon?

We are looking at cameras.

Actually, we’re both on the couch, Stormy is snuggled between us, both have our laptops and we’re checking out deals on cameras. Mark is looking up the specs and I’m checking out deals on the line. We’re looking at a Nikon 3200 and a Cannon something or other. We want some lenses too.

Who out there has one that they love? Who out there has one that they think sucks? I’m interested in your thoughts.

I woke up from dreams where I had strep throat this morning to a throat that feels like barbed wire and a voice that sounds like a drag queen on a four show night. I feel semi-ok. Just tired. I’ll snooze this morning, listening to the sleet pour down, waiting on the snow. Crazy MeMe has 9 inches of snow down in her neck of the woods. DANG!

I’m going to bake cookies today. Sometime. When I can get off the couch. Or when I can wake up. Or when we decide on a camera…


6 thoughts on “Nikon or Cannon?

  1. We are on the couch as well although I have to make several recipes for the blog and do something loosely related to repurposing for an all-request post. Anyway, just to muddy up the waters, I have an Olympus and love it! My husband was a newspaper journalist and photographer before he went into finance and he says my choice in Olympus (same stuff only cheaper) was a good one. Just food for thought!


  2. If your budget is tending toward lower end, my canon rebel XS has been good. If I had some extra lenses to do super close up work, it would be fabulous. The lenses that cam with are not bad, but I would invest in extra. Jack the sometimes photographer picked it out.


  3. I can’t help you on the camera issue, but I highly support a couch day in this crazy weather alleviated by a quick trip to the kitchen to whip up a batch of cookies that can be nibble on (with soothing hot chocolate, of course) when you’re back on the couch! Hope you feel better soon.


  4. I would recommend renting a Nikon 3500 for a week and walking around with it. It’s a ridiculous amount of money to spend on something that you may not use but once or twice a year. It’s also a waste if you never get around to really learning the camera and never take it off “auto”. There are plenty of smaller more affordable digital cameras out there that take just as good as pictures (your Bagel Boyfriend pic was taken with my point and shoot Sony).


  5. Cindy says smart things.

    If you’re going to get fancy someday and buy lenses and stuff Canon has better glass in their lenses according to the experts. I love my Nikon, though. It took me a couple of years to get it off auto, onto partially manual, and finally jump into full manual mode but I did it! If that’s something one of you wants to do then it’s a good plan. I have an old D40. I bought it refurbished when it was about a year old and that made for significant savings and still a good piece of equipment.

    Still, Cindy says the smart things.


  6. Well, we both have plans to take it off of auto. He’s already got quite a bit experience with photography and knows what he wants to spend so who knows what we’ll get. We’ve got the photoshop software too, that’s what I really need some instruction on. Just read an article that says wait to buy photo equipment until Jan/Feb. The 2014 stuff will come out and the 2013 will be discounted.


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