Turn The Page

And just like that…a new year.

I’m up early this morning, just me and the cats who are chasing each other and sound like a herd of elephants while Mark sleeps through it. I’ve got fresh coffee, West Wing on Netflix, a kitchen full of dishes and my FitBit locked, loaded and on. I’m sitting here learning about it, downloading apps, and reading up on it.

Last night we had friends over, we played catchphrase and a dice game. We laughed and ate a bit. I tried to make fondue, but turns out it wasn’t such a hit. I need more practice, a better recipe, a better pot or not to do fondue again. I haven’t decided. But we ate popcorn and delicious fruit compote and drank champagne and when the clock struck midnight, we were surrounded by friends and laughter.

Today is the last day off of a really lovely break from work. I’m de-Christmas-ing the house. Mark is attacking all of the downed limbs from the ice storm and prepping them for the city to pick up. We shall return back to some sort of normalcy and frankly, I’m looking forward to it. I want my schedule back.

There is Listen To Your Mother work and phone calls and emails to be attacked, I have a cookie cupboard to procure for Norman and the impending cookie sale. We have decided to host a house concert here in March so there is planning and work for that. I’ve got projects. I decided last night I want to learn to knit. It maybe had something to do with the champagne, but mostly I’ve wanted to learn for awhile.

So while I mourn the end of my lazy days full of Netflix and napping, I look forward.

I look forward to a year of music, and Girl Scout adventures. I look forward to knowing how to do my job. Better. Even better than that. I look forward to FamilyPalooza, to trailer travels, to NYC with the Whores and to planting my Spring garden for the first time here. I look forward to LTYM and to being more active in the blogosphere. Lots of fun stuff coming my way! Yours too, I bet.

I may very well make a list like I used to. That would be a fun thing to resurrect. We’ll just see what bubbles up over the next week or so. Meanwhile, I have some steps to take.


I have about 9,996 steps left to take today.

I’m going to finish this coffee and get started.

Happy New Year, ya’ll. I wish you the healthiest and happiest one ever.

2 thoughts on “Turn The Page

  1. I know all about those steps to take. After my dog bite and stitches incident in the summer, it was end of September before I could work out and then soccer consumed our off time. My goal is to get moving again and eat healthy. Went to Aldi’s yesterday and stocked up on fruit and veggies.

    Here is good routines and healthy New Years.


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