Holy hellballs it’s cold. What the hell Polar Fleece Vortex or whatever it is? What the hell???

I’m ready for some warmer temps. A balmy 47 would be loverly. I want to get back outside for some walks without the threat of frostbite. I need the time for mental clarity. Clearly, I’m ok with the voices in my head while it’s cold but they all just can’t fit anymore.

Back at work after a break and while there never really IS a break from this job I did a really good job of disconnecting. I let my work phone battery die completely for several days. I napped and socialized and took in great gulps of Netflix.

That all ended the minute I but feet to the floor yesterday. You see, we have cookie season upon us. We have benchmarks for membership upon us. We have deadlines and issues and volunteers who have been asked for reports for the past six months or they aren’t allowed to participate in the sale coming out of the woodwork. CST meetings have commenced and because the month fell the way it did, I have three this week alone.

And it’s freakin cold.

So who wants to do anything, right?

All I really want is some free time to go back to the yoga studio. I went on Saturday, to the place that Trisha and Brad used to frequent. I drove up and saw girls and their mats sitting outside waiting for the next class (beginners only, that was the one I was scheduled for) to begin.

And I got anxiety. Seriously. I considered just turning around in the parking lot and driving home.

But I pushed through and it turned out to be the most lovely of experiences. I’m happy about making it past the anxious parts and into my peaceful place. I’m hoping to get to a class tomorrow evening if possible, as it’s my only open night this week. I want to stick with the beginning level classes for awhile but for sure, I want to stick with it period. I feel proud for starting something new.

Hopefully, with the extra physical activity, the work stress will lessen. I’ve decided to do my whole “no alcohol” thing again this month. The holidays and really, all of last year were full of celebrations and porch nights and full calorie beers. They all wound up on my arse. Finding other avenues of stress release is an important thing for me. That’s my plan and I’m sticking with it!

How do you alleviate stress? Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Hashtag: STRESSEDOUT

  1. So fun to meet you, I already love your blog and think I will have to stalk you and all of this Oklahoma Mother Listening fun…
    Stress relief, yes. Cold, heck yes. So cold, and the two do not cooperate, do they? LOL
    My favorite stress relief is running outdoors, and while I really do not mind “quite chilly,” the frostbite does dissuade me, wisely.
    So the elliptical will have to do until we hit that balmy 47 degrees you mentioned. LOL
    Happy New Year, Misti Ridiculous!! I am wondering if we have the same Brad and Trisha in common… Hhmmm… Greyhound rescue friends?


  2. I hide and sleep.

    I spent a lot of time last night and finally found my good pedometer and got it set up. That’s not for stress relief, that’s just because it needed to happen. Glad you like your yoga class!


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