Saturday Conversation

US Championship Figure Skating is on tv when we turned it on. No one changed the channel as we ate lunch.


Me: SHHHHHHHHohhhhhhhshemadeit. It always makes me nervous when they jump.

Mark: That was a really good one.

Me: yes it was.

Mark: I wonder what Mark Hamill has to say about it. Is he?

Me: still alive? yes.

Mark: wait…I always get Luke Skywalker and the skater confused.

Me: The skater is Mark Hamill. No wait. Thats Luke Skywalker.

Mark. Who is the skater?

Me: Mark Hamilton!

Mark: No.

Me: SCOTT! SCOTT HAMILTON! Scott Hamilton is the skater.

Mark: People have always told me I look like him.

Me: People say you look like Luke Skywalker?

Mark: No. Scott Hamilton.

Me: That’s ridiculous.

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