Speech, Organizing, Planning and Cookies and Prison.

I have been asked to speak at an organization’s annual luncheon in Tulsa in April. I immediately felt anxious and nervous so I accepted. It’s been awhile since I’ve done something that scared me. It’s time.

We are neck deep in planning FamilyPalooza 2014, the Girl Scout Cookie Sale, and Listen To Your Mother 2014. Lot’s of pieces to juggle, to connect, to plan. I also was informed last night that this year is my high school’s 25th Reunion year. So it’s time to convene the coven…committee.

What kind of bullshit shenannigans is THAT I ask you? 25????

This week has been chock full at work. It’s one of those weeks where I’ve been able to help place girls and get them aligned to sell cookies, present at a leadership meeting, have lunch with different friends (that does my soul good) and feel generally like I’m winning. I did get a wee little raise, which is nice. It came on the same day that the Shriver Report on women was published. Women are *still making .70 to every dollar a man makes. And I promise you this, those women working at a non-profit? It’s stunning. I was so pleased to get rewarded monetarily, but I was stunned to find out just how little money I was actually making.

I believe in this mission, however. I believe I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in my life’s work. I am also buying a lottery ticket this week.

This week has been a gross reminder as to how little I move during days filled with meetings and emails. My Fitbit has been a great tool and I’m still loving it. It’s actually helped me to see I’m going to have to rearrange my day to get these steps in. One of the other agencies at my office is opening a bigger space that will be equipped with exercise elements for their clients. They are going to open it at some time to other agencies in the building. Hopefully I can run down and walk for 20-30 minutes a day and get some extra in until the time changes. Since I’ve been working until late, not getting home until 9pm this week there isn’t any walking time left in the day. So. That’s where we are with that.

I’ve been having prison dreams. The last few nights, I’ve dreamed I was locked up. Once with Channing Tatum as a fellow prisoner. Last night Audra was with me in another apartment/cell. I remember it being really scary at first but then just settling in and reading a lot.

I blame Orange Is The New Black for this. But I haven’t even had time to watch an ep this week so it must really be in my subconscious or it means other things. Who knows.

It’s time to get going. I’ve got reports to work, a lunch meeting, afternoon meetings at Council and then a CST meeting in Chickasha tonight. While I’m excited for a three day weekend, I’m speaking at an event at OU on Saturday morning so there’s still a bit of work left.

There will be a nice hike on Sunday.

And that’s all I’ve got.

Happy Thursday.


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