Weekend Finally

I got up at the crack of hmmm-hmmm this morning because I was scheduled to speak at the National Alpha Phi Omega convention being held on the OU campus.

As most of you know I live mere blocks from campus, so this wasn’t a horrible gig. I did the prep yesterday, I had flyers and pens and handouts.

And cookies.

Because why go anywhere representing Girl Scouts without cookies, right? Duh.

It was fun and fine and while it didn’t eat up my whole weekend, it did start me off…wonky. I missed my yoga class this morning because of it and my schedule is just…off.

I have watched a few eps of Orange is the New Black. I put some LTYM badges on the blog. See? Look over there to the right side. Nice, eh?  I am not working tonight, (I thought I was going to have to go to a Cookie Rally in Pottowatomie County) and Mark has to work at 5am tomorrow…we’re just sideways a bit.

Finally, it’s 4pm and we’re getting it together. Tomorrow hopefully a hike in the Wichitas. This afternoon we’re going to go walk around the Home & Garden show.

The weekend is happening, I’ve just been awfully slow to get my groove on.

How bout you?

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