Who’s ready for easy? Just…anything easy. One day of easy.
I’m raising all of my appendages. For sure.

This week is short for me work-wise as I’ll be heading to Eastern Ok to be with Dad during his hip replacement surgery on Thursday. I’ll probably go up Wednesday night and then try to get home Friday evening. If I need to go back for the weekend then I can. If I’m here, I’ll be unloading a ridiculous amoung of cookies at our OKC wearhouse on Saturday.

Work has deadlines that are making me nuts.
Yesterday wore me out…I was asleep by 8:30 after two glasses of wine and some delicious Thai takeout. Just crashed.

BUT today is gorgeous outside! (we go from upper 60’s to 20’s tomorrow.) We went out for breakfast, did a quick grocery shop, and I’m catching a movie this afternoon. Tonight the Sibley’s are playing at the Depot. It’s not a restful Sunday, especially for a one day break from work. But it’s fun.

Sometimes fun trumps easy.

Someday fun and easy will happen at the same time.
Until that day…I’ll take fun.

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