MidWinter Blergh

It’s hard to get up and get FIRED UP during this time of year. The days are short. They are bitter cold. It feels as if I never get anything completed. Tasks and events and planning and POOF the day is over. Mid day crisis that requires phone calls and emails and soothing via Facebook and texts.

Remember when I first started my job and it was weeks that I didn’t need an Ambien to sleep from exhaustion? I’m still exhausted, but I can’t get my brain to shut off. I dream of recruitment events and getting new leaders trained. I dream of mean girl volunteers and how I can fix the issues with them. I wake up a million times and sometimes I dream about camping and hiking and being in the mountains but those are few and far between.

I’m not the only one. Everyone is just kind of murking along trying to put one foot in front of another. Trying to find inspiration and excitement to get them through until Spring. I’ve been Pinterest-ing garden ideas and seed catalogues that have been lost in the move are re-ordered and finding their way to Tulsa St. LTYM:OKC is coming right along, more time this weekend will be focused on that.

OKC Public Schools are closed today due to the bitter cold temps, though by the end of the day we’ll see high 40’s. Which is good because I’ll be in line with 99 others to see Patty Griffin at The Blue Door tonight. I’m so excited…It was at her concert over a year ago that Mark first held my hand.

*cue “Awwwwwwwwwww”

Tomorrow is our Annual Meeting at GS West OK. It’s a pretty serious and big deal. We have delegates from all of our Districts representing and participating. I’ll be in full blown uniform which is a navy blue suit, GS Scarf, and my GS pins. Thank God for Ann Taylor Loft. I’ll be helping to lead focus groups after it’s over and then will have to meet about a touchy internal issue after that. It’s a 8+hour workday. On a Saturday.

Sunday night brings us the Sibley’s at the Depot.

I’ve never heard them but Mark & Co. swear by their awesomeness, as they have seen them play at Four Corners many times. I’m looking forward to it.

I’d like to go see Dallas Buyers Club Sunday afternoon if I can find a running buddy. *hint hint Mandrea. Michael.

Next week is a short week for me work-wise and there is much to be accomplished and I feel edgy. Thurs/Fri will be spent with Dad as he undergoes hip replacement surgery. Taryn and I will both be in Tulsa with him and will be working out the details this week.

Cookie sale is upon us. Feb 7th in our council. That’s a whole nuther bag o’crazy.


With this much on my calendar, Spring will be here in no time, right? Seeds will be planted, flowers will be blooming and the light will return.

Here’s to a weekend of less work and more light.


4 thoughts on “MidWinter Blergh

  1. I decided to look for a video of Sunday morning at Four Corners with the Sibleys….it turned out to be one that Frank posted!! hahahahahahaha


  2. Lordy. I do sympathize. I work at a frantic pace, bring home a stack of papers, and then worry over all that I need to figure out when I should sleep. Enjoy the music!


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