For The Record

Right now, I’m lying in bed with hot coffee on my side table, the Mr next to me working his crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper and watching what should be CBS Sunday Morning but instead we have non-stop news due to our snow/winter weather that is happening outside.

Norman is getting hit hard, less than I’d be seeing if I still lived in the Village. It’s beautiful. Huge, puffy flakes of snow. Today I’m mindful of the minutes and how fast they fly. Today I get centered and still before the week.

Yesterday we were productive. We made progress on the sticks in the yard, Mark put our speakers back together and hooked up his turntable. We took a trip downtown to the record store to prep for the impending baby shower that we are hosting next weekend.

How long has it been since you’ve been in a record store? Flipping through the dollar bin looking at all of the records that take you right back to childhood? Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler was the first one I saw. I scooped that one up. I was buying for our nephew that is coming in March, buying for decorations. I didn’t realize that our turntable was going to come to life that same afternoon or I’d have bought that Mac Davis and that Dolly Parton, and several of those Barbra Striesands. I would’ve never left that Barbara Mandrell or that The Way We Were soundtrack. These recoreds that I remember my parents playing, the Statler Brothers, Elvis, all of this music so tactile now, sturdy and delicate combined.

Needless to say, I will be going back.

The groceries were procured yesterday, the chili was made last night. We have everything we need for SuperBowl watching tonight.

Today I imagine will contain some Listen To Your Mother work, some laundry, some baking while listening to some records. Very likely it will be Shawn Cassady with a mix of Night Ranger and whatever else I can find in Mark’s extensive recored collection.

Happy Sunday, ya’ll.

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