Let There Be Sight

After many months of squinting and struggling to see through glasses that had a 5 year old script, and contacts that were just not working anymore I fished through the insurance details and made both Mark and I an eye appointment.

We arrived, filled out our paperwork, sat in the waiting area answering work emails by the second.

“I wonder if when we have appointments together we go back together?”
“Surely not,” I scoffed. “It’s not a couple’s massage.”

And then we were called back together, prepped in the same room, filed through the respective tests and put back into the same room to wait on the Doc. Together. It was kind of strange at first, but truly the most efficient doctor appointment I’ve ever had.

We got our tests, made jokes about growing older and my impending bifocals (I’m getting closer but not there yet) and our duel astigmatism and strangely similar sight deficincies. The Doc was fun and kind and professional and efficient and we were both seen and ushered out with a new script for glasses and me wearing fresh contacts in about an hour.

It was interesting. Glimpses of our future. Together, maintaining health…together.

Next up…dentist.
But I’m drawing the line at any future couples-appointments.

Somethings one just does alone, right?

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