Our 2014 OKC cast for Listen To Your Mother has been officially announced!


I am so so excited for this adventure. Everyone (well, Melisa said) “the second year is so much easier! You’ll love it!)

I knew that the logistics of this beast would be easier. We have the venue and know the whereabouts of what we want to do better, do easier, not do, from our experience last year. We have formed our schedule to accommodate more “bonding time” for the cast and crew. We have a few returning sponsors and know better how to pitch for new ones.

And now we have a cast.

The 2014 Cast of LTYM:OKC
The 2014 Cast of LTYM:OKC

These ladies are beautiful storytellers. I’m so honored that they gave us their story, and that they have accepted our offer and jumped on this adventure with us.

Julie, Heather and I are so grateful for this. We work together as if by magic. Every now and again we will look at each other and say, “shouldn’t this be harder?”

We are seamless as a team, and because of that we have the brain space to attend to the excitement and energy that is Listen To Your Mother. I have said it repeatedly, this is a profoundly moving, and for some, a life changing experience. The audience feels it. The cast feel it. We are in the thick of it, and couldn’t be more proud!

Go over and check out our cast. If you know a reader, give them a personal shout out. Many are way outside their comfort zone and are taking a great leap. Let them know that we will all be here to watch them stick the landing!

(Tickets will be on sale soon. Keep watching and listening for those details!)


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