If any of you knew me when I was doing shows in college, or touring, or just doing shows locally, you will remember that as soon as the curtain went down and the show would close…I would get sick. My body had just gone as fast as it could, taking in all of the time and the stress and the deadlines and the emotions and then it would dig in and come to a screeching halt.

I think the past few weeks have been extraordinary. Work has ramped up with the cookie sale, family obligations and deaths among us have seen stress and emotion and travel, the Listen To Your Mother auditions came and we cast our show, all kinds of things on the home front as well as a new puppy.

I forced my way through this thick week,  inch by inch, deadline by deadline, racing to get caught up from being out of the office the previous week,  appointments and CST meetings after work, vet visits, grocery shopping that wasn’t done the previous week, board meetings…all of it. And yesterday I waved the white flag.

Just worn out.

We have chicken soup in this house, we have provisions for all of the animals. I had great hopes of joining in on the Norman Mardi Gras festivities tonight but with the rapidly dropping temps and the general wet cold that is the outside, again I wave the white flag of surrender.

Mark has done laundry all day, we have clean sheets on the bed. I started watching True Detective between naps today and that just may well be it for me this weekend.

I hope your weekend is full of surrender, whether you are surrendering to rest or surrendering to wild fun, I hope you surrender and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Surrender.

  1. I understand exactly what you described. I don’t do it so much, but Jack almost always follows up a extremely grueling time whether it be work stress or family stress with the crud. I just cap it off with a migraine.

    This week end we are hunkered down with no more ambitions than to bake a few goodies for Jack for when he comes home, grade AP papers, and teach Harold to FaceTime.


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