Be Not Afraid

A few months ago I sat in a keynote speech and listened to Bob Goff say these words over and over and over.

Be Not Afraid.

Three very simple words, so much weight.

This past weekend brought deep and profound loss to my hometown, to my friends and their families. The horrific wreck that took one life, and has several more hanging in the balance has just polarized our town and by extension all of us.  Yesterday brought more loss, a long time teacher in the school system. My mom worked with her. I personally never had her but still. And now this morning, waking to new news of another child gone.

It is numbing.

This morning I am reminded of these words. I am reminded that through those moments when you cannot imagine anyone caring what Matt Lauer has to say, or caring if the dog is eating the cat poop, or caring if you haven’t shampooed your hair in a week…life moves forward. The world turns.

Be Not Afraid.

As we all cling together in our Facebook chats, and groups and text messages, as we share our disbelief and agony and empathy for those directly in the line of this loss, I struggle with the idea that light will return, that laughter will come back and the deep seeded weight will at some point, lift from all who are burdened by it…Yet I know it will return. I know it continues.

Be Not Afraid.

I seek solace in these words today.



3 thoughts on “Be Not Afraid

  1. I’ve started going to a new girl for my hair and she thinks you shouldn’t wash your hair but once a week. So you’re doing fine. Sending you extra strength and love.


  2. My mom got me a sign that says “if all else fails, hug the dog”. I tend to start there, rather than use it as a last resort. Virtual hugs from here for when the dog feels smothered and begs for air.


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