Write Sobbing

I just finished writing the eulogy that I’ll say at John’s celebration on Saturday. I feel good about it. I feel like it’s good. I’ve been writing in my head in the car as I drive to and fro for the last week and always wind up just sobbing like a crazy person or laughing like a maniac.

Most of the time doing both of those things.

I’m sick of it really. Ready to go back to the way things were. Everyone alive and laughing. That’d be great.

Tomorrow I’ll drive to Tulsa and meet up with Heather and we will speak at a Statewide convention of Mothers. The organizers were in the audience of last years LTYM:OKC and asked us to speak. Of course we said YAY! YES! So that’s happening tomorrow.

I’ll then come home and put the house to rights, Cindy arrives tomorrow later in the evening. We will laugh and talk and catch up and go to bed and get up early and get ready and travel to Chickasha by 9:00 am and then we will do this thing at 10.

I can’t really think beyond that, other than to hope I get to plant my garden this weekend. I need dirt and seeds and some plants. Or I may just stay in the bed. We’ll see. Either way, tonight is the last calm moments before the storm.

I’m taking out my contacts and going to get lost in Pinterest.

One thought on “Write Sobbing

  1. Yesterday I learned about John leaving us from the USAO alum rag, the same way I learned about Chris–and that really sucked big-time, at least John was of age.

    I think I was in that same Shakespeare class, and yes you guys were always John&Misti in my mind. He was one of the best. In a class entirely by himself.

    He and I worked a lot together building the Te Ata set, and I can remember at least three funny things he said/did just during that gig. There was an organ down front in the theater that was supposed to be gone, but every day when we came in it was still there. I severed the huge power cable with an axe (was s’posed to be de-powered, but nope–big flash), then we pushed it up the floor to the doors leading into the admin hallway and had it halfway thru the door before we got caught by a suit, who said, “You guys are having way too much fun.”

    He was about to get married (to Pat?) when a photographer came by one day to get some shots of the set-building project. Pat happened to be there, and John grabbed her in front of the camera and started making out furiously, then turned to the photographer and said, “Hope we didn’t get any on ya.”

    There was more, but there was always more w/ John. You did a good, fitting tribute to him.

    Marcia & I have been in Colorado for 4 yrs now, in the foothills outside Boulder. Look us up if you’re ever in the neighborhood.


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