A New Day

It was a pretty heavy weekend, if you can call a weekend that was filled with stories and endless laughter heavy…can you? Sigh. Whatever it was, I think we launched John Morgan into his next phase with aplomb and festivity and his legacy of levity continues. So I feel good for that.

After the service we three, Mark, Cindy and I got back home and sat outside with JC and Layne and had wine and laughter and more wine and then just a little more wine. We laughed and cried and laughed and bought Eddie Izzard tickets then promptly forgot about that until the next morning. Surprise!!! Then Mark and I sat and talked and ate cold pizza in front of the fire pit until I couldn’t stay up any longer. After a week of little to no sleep or food, I crashed at some point and slept soundly for the first time in weeks.

We got up and had coffee and silly animal fun with Cindy the next morning until she needed to set off for her next round of facetime with friends. My family had all actually been gathered in Granite, going through all of MeMe Lois’ stuff in the house. They actually sold the house this weekend. Patrick had a late flight last night back to San Diego so he came over and brought my portion of the stuff, a beautiful Noritake Platinum China set, lots of bits of memory flotsam and some amazing Christmas Sweaters that I think Mark and I will have some fun with soon. It was a good visit with him and then he was off to the airport.

The last few weeks have just been a crazy blur of work and emotion.

This morning, I awoke clear for the first time in I don’t know when. I’m ready for the week ahead and ready to jump back into promoting LTYM OKC (four weeks from yesterday ya’ll! do you have your tickets???)

It’s a new day.

I’m so thankful for that. For time spent with dear friends this weekend, hugs and tears and love flowing. It was healing and strengthening and I’m taking every ounce of it with me this week.

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