Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

In between volunteer meetings, and dealing with the fierce blows that Life has been handing out this year we ARE in fact producing an amazing Listen To Your Mother show here in Oklahoma!

It has been said that Year Two is easier.

That understatement is SUCH an understatement that maybe it’s an under-understatement. Ya follow?

I’m worried about the usual things, day of show issues, getting our set design just right and having that loaded in without issue, working on post show cast celebration, trying to garner the last of a few local sponsors before our show poster goes to print, missing being around our cast because there are several weeks between rehearsals, putting together the show book and worrying that we won’t have enough money to pull this thing off. (We will.)

While I’m looking at all of the details and praying for some magic, you should look at this awesome video that Little Big Films produced for us. It is awesome.

#LTYM #OKC Rehearsal Teaser

Then go buy your tickets! 😉



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