I had the craziest of dreams last night. Violent and angry one minute, vivid and bright the next. I woke up with a corgi on my feet and a cat making biscuits on my shoulder and neck. I’m sure none of those pieces were related, at all.

We went to Arkansas this weekend, saw the family and celebrated Wonderbaby’s 6th birthday. Chuckie Cheese has stepped up their birthday game and for a Saturday at noon it wasn’t so crazy and loud that we all wanted to go lay in the middle of the interstate. I did Mom and Sisser’s cut and color, we watched Winnie and Annie play in the yard, it was a good weekend.

This week is a week to get back into our routine. Puppy class tomorrow, only one more week after that one. Buy my ticket to NYC for our June Whorecation to see Hedwig on Broadway. Dad is having his other hip replaced on Thursday so that’s a trip up to Tulsa, then back down here to Chickasha for a CST meeting. Work on the LTYM punch list, finalize the script and start working on the playbook.  Easter brunch with Mark’s family on Sunday. Start working on the garden.

I’m actually glad I haven’t planted anything yet in spite of my desire to get my hands in the dirt. We’re crazy cold here today, some snow in parts of the state and a deep freeze tonight. Hopefully it’s the last one before Spring is here to stay.

Mark is busy with finalizing bands for Summer Breeze. I can’t wait till we have our opening band…Ohhhhh long hair hippy boys playing eleventymillion instruments…I can’t WAIT!

Last week Trisha sent me a text:

Nickle Creek at Cains in August. You in?

I almost wept. It’s been two long years since I’ve had a text like that from her. SQUEEEE! We’re BACK!!! Yes it’s way far away, but it will be here before we know it because Time is stupid like that. We get to be together in June, with the girls and other people from our online group of friends. (Remember Taos? Those friends. That online group. Only this year our NYC member will get to join in the fun) Then they will move back to Norman and the fun begins!

One more cuppa coffee to shake off those dreams from last night. Angry friends and crazy work stress dreams be gone! Time to attack this week.

Happy Monday ya’ll.

4 thoughts on “Dreams.

  1. It’s snowing here right now. Yesterday, Michael was wearing shorts when he went out to the garden and pulled up a tiny onion. Weather and I are not getting along.


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