Official Poster! Show Stress! Family!

We’re getting closer for our Listen To Your Mother Show here in OK.

I will tell you, the projects on my plate are kind of eating my lunch. Throw in a few rogue elements that I’ve not had to deal with before and some major surgery for my Dad and you could find me on the brink of it all yesterday, just worn out and done in.

My girl Heather met me in Tulsa at the hospital so that I could hand over our show posters for the 918 gals, and she handed me a care package with CheesyPoofs and chocolate.

It’s crazy to think that before our LTYM:NWA show in 2012 I didn’t know her. She is a soul sister who I forever will hold dear.

She mentioned something to that ilk in our cast FB group last night. Something about once the show is over, it’s really all just beginning. Because our cast, anyone who has participated in this LTYM thing becomes part of a family. We understand the power of telling a story, of hearing a story, of sharing with each other laughter through tears. We hold that in a sacred spot and each year we get to add new members to our family tree.

It really is about that. I’m stressed about ticket sales and money and at the bottom of that my desire to donate a really good amount to ReMerge. I am worried that my real life job has taken away the amount of time needed to produce and direct a good LTYM show. I feel anxious and excited and pray for strength to lead this cast out of their comfort zone and into the magic of their own voice.

But at the end of the day, really, it’s about getting back to that fundamental piece of humanity, which is connection through stories. Don’t you remember sitting around the kitchen table with your mom and grandmother while you shucked corn or snapped peas or played cards or learned to make a pie crust or figured out how to program the new vcr? Don’t you remember standing at the feet of these women who came before us and watched how they put on eyeliner or smoked their cigarettes or stirred their coffee or made gravy or checked off the list of groceries as they shopped? Don’t you remember what it is like to just soak up their words, to listen of days gone by and watch as they threw their heads back and laughed the biggest laugh until tears fell down their cheeks?

I remember that.

I remember thinking to myself…I wonder if I’ll have any stories?

Turns out I do.

We all do.

And we are sharing them in 32 cities across this nation starting in just days.

I encourage you to find a show near you, get a ticket, grab a friend and get them a ticket. Go. Go and support this storytelling adventure that we’re all on.

Go become part of this family.

We’ve got plenty of room on the sofa, we’ll scooch on over. You just come on!

Tickets for the LTYM:OKC show are here.

To find a show near you go here.


2 thoughts on “Official Poster! Show Stress! Family!

  1. Misti ~ Thank you so much for this post and all you are doing to bring LTYM to Oklahoma. Your post reminded me of the many, many beautiful stories I heard from my grandmothers, mother, and families through the years. As we grow older we realize how precious our stories are, and how honored we are to hear them from the people in our lives.


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