Big Big Things Are Happening!

It’s a week for big big things in my family.

First and foremost, Bonusdad’s melanoma scare has taken a turn for the good. His Pet Scan came back clear yesterday. No spreading internally. This was the best of the best of the best. He will have surgery to remove the spot off of his face and hopefully that will be the end of that book.

Second, WonderBoy is in a contest! He has decided that he wants to attend Nerd Camp and he up and entered himself into a contest for a scholarship. Of course, being 12, we didn’t *quite have all of the details correct. The voting continues thru May 31st. Comments and recommendations count. The top five vote getters get the scholarship. If you haven’t voted yet, please take a moment and go here and vote for the little nerd. 

The thought of him a) being excited about something. period. and b) being around like-minded kids makes me feel like I did when I discovered the theatre. Maybe we were a bunch of little freaks, but we were also a band of brothers and that grew into family. For him to find his own little tribe at this point in his life? Priceless.

Third and finally, I have done something terribly ridiculous. The MOST ridiculous of anything. I’ve signed myself up to rappel off of a 244 ft building in downtown OKC.

It’s all a part of our Storm Shelter Campaign at GSWESTOK. See, we don’t have a storm shelter/safe room out at our resident camp. It’s way out in the boonies, a 20 minute drive from any humanity. One of our troops started this project after they had a weekend of camp cancelled due to impending storms.

After last year, storm shelters are at the beginning of every conversation in Oklahoma. If you are in the business of serving girls, of protecting and keeping them safe? Storm shelters are at the front, center and end of conversations. We have launched a grassroots campaign to raise $265,000 in 10 months that will provide a shelter and two passenger vans for our camp. The shelter will be built to withstand an EF5 tornado, and can be used for programming as well. It will hold up to 300 people, so we’re not talking just digging a fraidy hole. This is legit.

The final piece of this campaign has to do with my ridiculous moment. We are partnering with a company called Over The Edge. Check them out here. If I raise 1000.00 or more, and I’m one of the first 75 people to do that, I will rappel down the side of Leadership Square in downtown OKC.

Deep breath.

I’m pretty scared of heights. I’m really scared of falling. My hands are sweating right this minute typing this whole thing.

But you know what would be worse?

Not to try.

Not to help do my part to make this campaign a success.

Wanna help me? Go here. Any little bit will help! This is tax-deductible as well so there’s a bonus for ya!

Wanna join me? Go here.  Sign up to be a fundraiser.

Wanna just come on down to OKC and watch? Mark your calendar for August 23rd and listen for the screams.


It’s been a big big week here in my little world. We have Mark’s family coming in from TN tomorrow. I’ve taken the day off, getting my hair done, cleaning the house. I got to see my best good friend Trish and the rest of the gang last night, got to see where she will be living come the end of July. There are more things happening here but this is quite enough for one post.

Thanks for your votes, for your money, for your support.

I hope you have a lovely lovely long weekend, the beginning of Summer is upon us!


3 thoughts on “Big Big Things Are Happening!

  1. I did the rappelling once in college at Red Rock Canyon in Hinton. Not so bad. There was a 10 yr old girl in our group that did it too. If she can, you can…’cause I’m pretty sure you’re gonna hafta! 😉 On belay!


  2. August 23rd is/was Auntie Blanche’s birthday. I’m not sure she would have rappelled down a building but she would have applauded doing everything within your power to help kids so I’m pretty sure she’ll be with you when you step over the edge.


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