Surviving May

Just a few more days and this month full of crazy will be another page that we turn on the calendar. I swear this year, May has been the month that I thought for sure would kill us all in this house. Between Listen To Your Mother, the tornado event that served over 400 people, delivering the anti bullying program to 80 plus girls and getting Summer Breeze up and running, and a long four day holiday weekend with Mark’s family from TN and his family here in Norman…I am ready for a break. Some quiet time with no obligations.

It has been exhausting, for everyone here. Even the livestock are worn out. Naps are happening at the drop of a corgi. Literally.

I’m pleased we are on this side of it, that summer is literally right around the corner. I’m ready to dust out the trailer and get our “moment’s notice camp supply” box stocked and ready. I want outdoor movie nights with my friends and some time where there is no stress, no negativity or feeling judged. (That’s a whole other post that I’m working on. I don’t know if it will post here or if I will guest blog it on someone else’s site but it’s really such a bullshit waste of time.)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to some joy and laughter. Positive living. That’s what I’m looking for.

The good things that are happening? They’re pretty good! Go THUNDER!

Hayden is in a solid third place in the scholarship race. If you haven’t voted, please go give it a shot. If you have, try it again. Sometimes it lets you vote more than once.

Many of you have made a tax-deductible donation to send me Over the Edge for Girl Scouts! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! If you would like to give, or if you would like to help promote this wackadoo endeavor, here’s the link. 

Our allstaff meeting for the month is happening tomorrow. We will be spending the day at our camp. The one where we will build the storm shelter. I’ve never been so I’m looking forward to seeing it. Tomorrow night is my final (until Fall) CST meeting, and the thought of not having to do these meetings five nights a month makes me giddy. Everyone needs a break!

So as we roll out the rest of this week, finishing up a month that brought another amazing day of storytelling and fundraising for our local cause (we raised over $1800.00 ya’ll!!!) and major milestones in work and life, I look forward to June. I am ready for some weekends filled with friends and sunshine and travel.

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll.



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