So Close

How are the weeks flying by without any energy or desire for me to write here? I don’t know but they are. I come over and think, I should post something and then think…meh. I have nothing really to say.

Life is good here. Work is eating less of me, and that’s about all I can say about that in this forum.

Winnie is chasing squirrels. I’m heading to Tulsa to finish/wrap up/begin planning all things LTYM:OKC:2014-15. I’m looking forward to sitting around a table with Julie and Heather and just getting to debrief from this year’s experience and do some brainstorming for next year.

Yesterday I replanted our garden. Everything was turning yellow and looking terribly unhappy. We decided it was the dirt that we used. There was zero nutrition in it apparently. First time lessons learned. It also was holding way too much moisture and that wasn’t good. I dug up everything, set it gently aside, removed half of the soaking wet soil and put that in a big tub, dropped in some fresh garden specific soil with nutrients, amended everything and then replanted. I removed the plants that were beyond help and blessed them and let them go. Hopefully that, combined with this glorious rain, will give them the boost of love they need to giddy up.

When I get home tonight, it’s laundry and pre-packing time. I’m heading to NYC on Wednesday to meet some of my favorites. Remember when I went to Taos and we vacationed with strangers? I told you about this group of friends I have on Facebook, right? There are 13 of us, each invited by another. So everyone knows (in real life) someone/several. But the entire group hasn’t ever been together. In Taos, we took care of some of that. This year we take care of more. Elizabeth will get to meet Michael and Trish and her girls. Mindi and Sarah had to decline this particular trip due to other pressing life details. Still, it’s exciting to get to put real life faces on friends that you’ve talked to, confessed and listened to, empathized and supported for the last three or so years! YAY~

Friday night we see NPH in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which was really the motivation for this whole trip to begin with. I’m ready. But first…list making and laundry doing.

Home by 11am on Sunday with plenty of time to decompress before we gather in the park to hear our favorite band: honeyhoney!

So with only two days of work this week, with the promise of seeing faces that I love and the promise of new growth in my garden…cheers to you.

Happy Sunday ya’ll

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