Release. Relief.


I feel like I can breathe.

We had our Summer GSU volunteer training program all day yesterday and while, yes it was an 8 hour workday on a Saturday, the information is FINALLY public.

We are participating in a really amazing Customer Service Pilot program via GSUSA. It’s a really intense, intensive, major thing that required a restructure in our organization. My job as a Community Development Executive was eliminated. I applied for a position on the Recruitment team, and that is where I landed. I have a new supervisor and for awhile the unknowns were so deep and so vast that it felt as if I was just swimming without arms in this giant salty sea of questions. Would we be working with the same volunteers? Would we have a designated territory? Would I keep my office in Norman, my company car? Would I be Inside Recruitment or Outside Recruitment? (I’m outside btw) What would my volunteers say when the change is revealed? I’ve worked really hard to develop relationships and build trust this last year and I lost many many many hours of sleep over this one piece. What would the volunteers say? Would they be ok with the change? Would they be angry with us? With me?

Yesterday’s reveal was received mostly positive. Yes this is a change. Yes this means I don’t attend CST meetings on a monthly basis. Yes this means there is a different person who is the first point of support for volunteers in the CST. (We’ve actually changed that to SU service unit. lots of change) BUT. My skill set is geared for this. I am built for this. Working 100% on recruiting new girls and volunteers is the way I can help the existing volunteers. THIS is the way that I can help them. It’s always the same 5 people who do everything. The same group of women who attend the meetings. The same hands that volunteer for the duties that must be done in order to serve girls. This pilot will help with onboarding processes, it will help with customer service, and most importantly it will help to fully support a volunteer once they are signed up. We lose so many who begin by the process mumbo jumbo.

We as a Council have heard that. It’s a national problem. So we’re trying to fix it.

I’m excited about it. I really am. I’ve been so tense and so worried, not being able to be fully transparent when dealing with issues that are presently on the table. Especially here in my district. I feel relieved that everything is on the table and we can all move forward with the cards showing. Or we can decide that this isn’t the program we want, this is too much work, this isn’t what I thought…and we can say thanks for the memories and move along.

Coming back from NYC, diving right into this weekend and knowing what was coming, I am more than grateful for the Eddie Izzard tickets I bought that fateful, wine soaked night on my porch after John’s memorial service.

JC, Layne, Mark and I were on the porch, laughing and crying and laughing and crying. Cindy had already left to meet another set of friends for some facetime. Something came up about Eddie Izzard and without a word I popped up, came inside and proceeded to order four, printed them out and returned to the porch. That show was last night.

My lord but that man is funny. His delivery is such that you feel..really FEEL that this night, this moment, this stage is the very first time he as thought that thought and said it at that moment only to you!

Dude is so smart.

This morning, we walked up to the Diner, looked around at some resale shops, walked back home (almost 3 miles) and then successfully did nothing all day. Naps, reading, naps, snacks, watching bad tv…it was glorious. Mark has MeMe and PaPa’s movie projector out and has assessed the issues and ordered parts for that and Julie’s record player. We will have a movie night at FamilyPalooza 2014. The two reels we have are labeled in MeMe’s handwriting Reunion 1977 and Christmas 1977.

I anticipate


one of these moments in July:




We’re having that delicious one pot pasta meal from the Martha Steward website that has been pinned eleventy jillion times on Pinterest. So good. I used fresh basil from the garden. Tonight is more relaxing, listening to the records I bought in NYC and just relishing in the fact that tomorrow is a new day.

2 thoughts on “Release. Relief.

  1. I am glad you are breathing easier. Restructuring and change is hard, but it just drains you. Here is mental toast to a good upcoming year.


  2. Crazy things at work like that make my stomach hurt. You’re a good recruiter. It makes sense to me that that is where the GSA needs you the most.


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