Quiet Life

We really have been living the quiet life around here lately.

I could not love it more.

Work is in a really nice place before it gets crazy during recruitment season, neither of us are running ragged on projects. I mean, we have projects, but we aren’t away from home doing them.

After work, Mark has been working on refurbishing the old movie projector from MeMe and PaPa’s house for our family reunion. He’s also been working on Julie’s record player. I’ve been working on reading my latest Outlander novel, cooking healthy dinner’s at home, tending the garden. We take our nightly walks with Winnie and comment on the fireflies, the gorgeous landscaping, what we love about our neighborhood.

I woke up last night with anxiety dreams about the fact that our garage is chock full of stuff for our garage sale, the middle room is still as full of boxes is it ever was. July marks one year of my living in this house and that underlying “it’s not finished” is creeping in.

Yet I just want to go camping. We spent some time last evening researching places to go camping over our three day weekend, eventually deciding that we would stay here and maybe take some daytrips. Our last three day weekend was spent here with family, and while that was great we don’t get that many free weekends due to the Summer Breeze concerts so I just want to take advantage of them.  I am ready to just go away for a weekend in the trailer. Pack the dog, pack the camp chairs and let’s go.

This is where I tend to make zero sense. I want to do the work here to be truly settled in and unpacked and uncluttered. Yet I just want to be camping. want. want. want. want.

So ridiculous.

Today however, is cool and overcast and lovely. We have AllStaff meetings at Council so I’ll be around my co-workers and friends and that always pumps me up. We’ll watch the last half of the USA game at lunch and enjoy. Tonight Brad will come over and we’ll have our band rehearsal. I haven’t worked on my songs in about two weeks so the drive today will provide time for that. I still don’t know when we’re playing. First it was July, then it was August and now it’s up in the air. Tomorrow is my weigh in day and that’s always a nice feeling. 9.6 lbs down at this point and steadily moving along with that. Winnie has a playdate with Gracie & Co at the Raley’s on Saturday to see how she does with their dogs. If it works well, she will stay with them while we are at the lake next month.

Lot’s of things…yet still nice and quiet.

Just like I like it.

Happy Thursday





4 thoughts on “Quiet Life

  1. I throw up a little bit every time I think about our basement and the crap down there and the spiders. I’m this close to setting it all on fire and becoming a nomad. Why do I have so many elephants?!?!?!?

    I’ve been in my house for over three years now. It’s always a work in progress. Just look at how much progress the two of you have accomplished.


  2. We still have a storage unit of stuff in Loco – a full two years after we moved here. It will get there. But losing the moments of peace and togetherness won’t be replaced.


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