Literally, Blessed.

The weekend was a mix of all the things one wants out of their break.  We rested, we listened to music all day without turning on the television. We saw Mark’s family for a brief moment, we had a Summer Breeze concert. All nice things.

My favorite pieces of the weekend were the pieces that contained gathering with friends.

Friday evening we went to the music store and got Mark the pieces he needed to do some refurbishing on the banjo. He spent the entire evening working on it and I read my Outlander book. It was the epitome of a quiet life and I loved it.

Saturday morning was our first doggie playdate! Brad and Lisa have graciously offered to keep Winnie while we are gone to Familypalooza in a few weeks. We knew that Winnie had a really strong personality and just hasn’t been socialized that much with other dogs. They have a crew of three, and after asking our professional dog trainer Elizabeth for advice on how to approach this, we introduced them quite successfully. I think we were all a little nervous. I know Lisa and I were. But it went beautifully. There were a few snarls and snips and that’s to be expected. I have no qualms (other than just the fact that I’m leaving my dog) about leaving my dog in their care. She will have so much fun, when they finally break the barrier and become running buddies. I am beyond thankful for their offer of care for our girl.

We talked of our future camping vacation to New Mexico and Colorado coming up the end of August, and made some 4th of July plans. All things that make me so happy!

We really did nothing during the day. We had music playing in the house, I worked in the flowerbeds a little then decided it was too hot and I needed to lay under the cool fan and read my book some more. We tinkered and lazed around until it was time to get ready to go to the house blessing.

Our friend and neighbor Anne had a house blessing party on Saturday night. There were about 10 of her friends, including her Reverend and a friend just out of seminary who had put together the most beautiful ceremony for the house. There was a bowl of water, prayed over and blessed, and a piece of greenery from her garden used to sprinkle. In each space there was a moment taken to honor the space, what happens there, and a prayer of blessing and sprinkling of water. We began outside with the front porch/front yard. It was a prayer of blessing for every coming and going from that space, and for grace over each companion and friend gathering there.

We went through the entire house, even blessing the back door where Ruppe and Emmit, Anne’s two dogs, come and go. It was truly lovely. I want to do that here when I finally get settled in, in a few years. I’ll maybe add a bit of sage and incense to mine but mostly I want it just like Anne’s. I can’t express how beautiful and grace-filled that whole evening was. I hope she feels it, too.

Since Mark had his banjo and his guitar there was music and a few libations that followed. It was all very, very lovely.

The cheery on top of this already delicious weekend was the text from PseudoSis Maegen that said, “we’re going to Neil and Kathys on Sunday if you’ll be around!”

“Sure! I’m in!”


“wait…what’s going on a Neil and Kathy’s?”



It couldn’t have been better. I got to see Maggie and Shiny, Maegen and Michelle and Sandra and Shiny’s family! It was fun and laughter filled and relaxing and delightful. I can’t wait to do it again!

THEN… (I KNOW! It keeps getting better!) Bill text me and said he was going to be able to make Summer Breeze after all! WOOT! We gathered in the park, and I introduced him around a bit and we listened to some really fantastic music. The breeze was blowing, the stars were out. It was so relaxing and lovely.

Perfectly perfect Summer time weekend. I feel blessed. Literally blessed. 🙂


Cheers to a short week for most of us. (Sorry sister that you have to work Friday. I wish you were coming to my house. boo.)


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