There’s A Band!

So back sometime this summer, we decided to put a band together.

Likely it was one night of sitting around with the Raley’s, good food had been had, good beer was being had and likely the whisky bottle was out by the time someone said…

We should start a band.

Famous last words, right?

Well, we went ahead and decided to do some rehearsing, put some songs together, work on harmonies, and maybe we would just play at the 2nd Friday Artwalk once or twice. We performed our first time out for just our friends here at the house. We used the excuse of a Welcome Home party for Trish and Bruce and for Bill and Rita, but we just wanted an audience who would eat and drink and tell us we done good…no matter how we sounded.

When we got around to the 2nd Friday performance, it was a cold and rainy night so we sang to probably 10 people total for the whole gig. And that was actually fine and dandy. No pressure. We laughed, we sang, it was all good. But because there were some bits posted on social media that were seen by other friends…well we have a gig this weekend. We will be performing three sets starting at noon  (Noon/Two/Four) at the Canadian River Wine Festival down in Lexington. (just a few miles south of Norman)

So whaddya know!

We are called Harvest Reserve. (Mark voted for Sound Holes and got veto’d)

We laugh a lot and it’s fun. And it gives me something to focus on that has nothing in the world to do with Girl Scouts or volunteers or forming new troops or 3000 girls on a wait list who want to play but 0 adults volunteering so that they can.

I’ll let you know how Saturday goes! (Also checking out the winery as possible wedding venue. 😉  )


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