Chipping Away

The weekend flew by. We had our all day gig on Saturday which was a fun day, learning experience and time spent with friends, and then I worked all day today at a GS event. In the unusual for this time of year heat and wind. I feel chapped.

But we made some progress on the wedding today. I feel like we are getting closer and closer to deciding on what we want for our day, how we want to celebrate. We made some initial contacts tonight, sent some texts and some emails. We have a venue to look at this week and I hope to hear from our jeweler tomorrow. I hope that we can set the date this week.

Lovely words from beautiful friends have filled my phone with texts, my mailbox with cards and just general lovely well wishes and offers to help support the day. I look at our calendar and get giddy and excited and look forward to celebrating.

But here we are and it’s 10:30 on Sunday night and Mark and Winnie are asleep on the couch and I’m about to fall asleep and would love to not have to work tomorrow since I worked today but I have deadline and pressing things to do so…alas. I’m turning off my brain.

No more wedding and no more Girl Scouts. Just going to snuggle down into this bed and…think about invitations probably…and maybe pinterest some things…but eventually sleep will come.

Our calendar slows way down in two more weekends.

I cannot freakin wait.

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