Slow day Snow day

It snowed on my birthday when I turned 10 years old in 1980. That really is the last time I can remember snow, substantial snow, in November.

We got 3-4 inches this weekend, and it was glorious. Absolutely glorious. It slows everything down, and God knows, I need some slow down in my life. I feel like…dare I say…I feel like we are finally in the slow down part.

Which is crazy because Thanksgiving is next week and how can we be in a slow down right before the official Holiday Season starts?

I know. It seems ridiculous. But there aren’t any obligations at the Depot for a few weeks. I don’t have any other weekend obligations for the wedding or for work or any outside commitments on the calendar. It’s been crazy go-go-go for the last 8 weeks. Something every weekend.

The wedding is taking shape, coming along nicely.

This past Friday when I got off work I packed a bag and drove up the turnpike to meet Mom and Taryn in Tulsa. We had a room for the night, and had dinner and talked and laughed woke up the next morning and went wedding dress shopping. It was awesome. I miss having them close. I miss just getting to run across town and share a meal or see the boys or just spend some time talking and laughing. So getting some time to just have for ourselves was priceless.

YES we found The Dress.

NO I am not going to post a picture or describe it to anyone on social media. Not until February 28th. Because while I don’t buy into the bad luck superstitions, or some of the behaviors associated with weddings, I do have a love of tradition. SO. No. Don’t ask. It’s gorgeous and I love it and it will be seen soon enough. That’s fair, right? I think so too.

It should arrive the first of January. So cross fingers that happens.

Mark and I get to go to a tasting at the catering company on Thursday night and hopefully that will help guide us on the food/beverage piece of the reception. That part is stressing me out. But I was reminded by my dearest of soul sisters that maybe it’s really more important to be surrounded by those that you love and get the “cheaper chicken”–get the lower cost food and beverage than to provide some fancy food and drink and not invite who you want. So hopefully Thursday will provide some insight on that.

We had some ring issues last week. The custom design track didn’t work out. Horrible customer service, I cried, it was ugly. The fact that I was in my warm house, in a healthy body, crying over something that was such a first world problem only compounded my tears because…ugh. But it’s ok. It has all been worked out. More to come on that soon. It seems as if the details are getting lined up, and falling into place. Brad is working on some stuff for us and as the calendar draws closer to December I check more things off of my list.

Getting a snow day yesterday was nice. I worked from home. Finalized a lot of different pieces and researched more for the job, but I did it from home. When our school system is closed our building closes as well. And while I can go up there and work, it gets chilly. I ran up and worked for about an hour and gathered things to bring home and then worked here the rest of the day. I worked on work stuff and worked on cleaning the house. It’s not perfect yet, but I made good headway into being able to walk through each room and not step over a pile of stuff.

The day also gave us just one more day to sleep later, to slow down and do things on our own timeline. That was some much needed grace.

This morning I don’t have dread. No one here is grumbling about going to work. I have some things to do, I’m hitting the gym for some cardio, tonight is birthday sushi with friends. (yeah yeah, it’s still November, right?)

So, Happy Tuesday on this super cold morning. Coffee cheers to you!

2 thoughts on “Slow day Snow day

  1. Remind me to tell you about my custom wedding ring-the short story is that it was WARTY. And a wedding where people talk about the love and the community and the fun is where you’re headed. Chicken for everyone! xo.


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