Date Night

A few days ago Mark started asking me about my weekend obligations and the timeline for that. I have to be at USAO on Saturday at noon for the alumni luncheon. I’ll be inducted onto the Alumni Board of Directors. I’ll go back home and get Mark afterwards and head back to USAO to spend time on campus supporting friends in their department projects. Layne has a few art openings and Katie’s theatre department opens their show. Layne and I will celebrate our birthdays with wine and laughter. So ok, that’s Saturday.

Turns out tonight we are going to motor up to Tulsa to catch Darlingside at the Woody Guthrie Center and spend the night at The Mayo, one of the historic hotels downtown. SQUEEEEE! We first heard Darlingside this summer in Colorado and just fell in love with them. This setting in Tulsa holds 65 people, so really intimate. I’m so excited for our fabulous get-away that I can’t stand it.

This week has been one of major highs and major lows and stress that has settled right between my shoulder blades. Work was a success, I started a new troop, as well as a major frustration, and then the roller coaster came to a stop yesterday and I feel as if I can breathe again. The week was just exhausting.

Mark’s home computer just melted down yesterday. That in itself is reason to get out of town and away from it all.

We are both looking forward to it.

My birthday is Monday, and while we don’t have any set plans…remember when there was ALWAYS a set plan for my birthday?…I have a great weekend ahead. Next weekend I get to meet my mom and sis and look for wedding dresses. My ring is getting close to being finished. Everything is coming together.

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

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