Conscious Planning

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me to have found an entire section of the web focused solely on conscious wedding planning. Fair trade, all natural, eco-friendly…all of the buzz words are there.

My favorite thing was printing the save the date cards and wedding invites on seed paper. You know what that is, right? Seeds for wild flowers, or herbs or vegetables in the actual paper and once the event is over, you just put some dirt on it and water and watch things grow!

I really love that idea. Mark and I both love that idea.

Here’s my conundrum. The price of that paper is…pricer than just regular old paper. I’ll be printing everything myself and working to cut costs that way. I’m ok with maybe spending more money on this paper and or even having it all printed for me.


Just how many people would *actually plant the invites? Would it be worth the expense?

One thing that I thought of weeks and weeks ago (likely before I was even engaged) was the idea of a wedding registry.

We do not *need anything.

Once again, I will repeat: WE DO NOT NEED ANYTHING.

We just had a garage sale where we practically gave away things so we could make room in this house and that garage for our lives to really merge and be functioning. I have my dishes, his dishes, my two full sets of china…ya’ll I don’t need anything else to find a place for.

And I really do love china and crystal and the pretty things that one would buy a bride.

So my thought and Mark agreed, was to register for charities. Find a way to do a wedding registration for a handful of our favorite non-profits and have that be an option.

We don’t need anything but to be surrounded by love and laughter. Truly. But I know, as I have been one of these people before, that when someone becomes engaged and married you want to DO something, to GIVE something in celebration of it.

So this giving registry seems to be just the right fit for us.

While I love the idea of everyone planting these fabulous little pots of fresh herbs or wildflowers and looking at them in full bloom and remembering our wedding…the reality of that situation looks more like mold spores blooming under the pile of mail that the cats spilled water on from the glass that never got into the dishwasher, when they were chasing around the kitchen and jumped up on the table and wrecked havoc on all things.

That’s what life looks like in this house anyway.

I like the charity registry idea.

So maybe I’m semi-consciously planning this gig. I likely won’t win any awards for saving the world, but hey…

Better than nothing, right?


5 thoughts on “Conscious Planning

  1. check that: You always need wine. It doesn’t spoil or take up a lot of space, and then goes in the recycle bin when emptied. 🙂 boom!


  2. Yep on the wine. I love the idea of seed paper the giving registry though. I had already been thinking about you guys, wondering if there was some fabulous honeymoon we could contribute to since you probably had more than household of things anyway.


  3. When our friends got married they called their favorite animal rescues and made a list of what they needed and that was the registry. They had a pickup and a horse trailer and they stuck it all in there. I thought it was fabulous. I love your idea.


  4. I love this idea. Well, both of them.
    And the thing is, you’ll never know whether most people DO or DON’T plant the seed paper, so if it’s what you really want, just do it and assume that most will plant it. No stress!


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