And Just Like That…

It’s November.

How can that possibly be?

My birthday month, Thanksgiving…some days off work. Countdown to the wedding begins, we all know this time of year flies by without a major life event to bookend the season but this year…I can already hear it.


I got home from work today in the mid-afternoon and lazed around watching Netflix. Then we all climbed into the bed and watched some Sleepless in Seattle while I in fact did sleep a bit. Mark and I went on a date tonight to see St. Vincent. It was charming. It was wonderful. The weekends have been so packed, and will continue to be so right up until Thanksgiving. But this afternoon, this evening, maybe even knowing we get an hour back tonight…all was right in the world.

Tomorrow is the Griffin House concert at the Depot, I get to see Audra and Joe. It’s been forever and I couldn’t be more excited.  Next weekend I get inducted onto the USAO Alumni Board of Directors (I got the election results this week!) and will get to spend time on my campus, with my friends, supporting the art and theatre departments. The following weekend I meet Mom and Taryn to shop for wedding dresses.


We are finishing up the design on the rings, and hopefully those will be ready in a few weeks, we’ll be signing the contract for our venue. February 28th is the date we’ve chosen and have started to work on the guest list. Budget and all things money keep me from going crazy and inviting everyone I’ve ever smiled at. But I’m enjoying the time, looking forward to all that lies ahead.

It’s chilly outside, making it perfect to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot tea, some soft pants and Pretty Woman on the telly. It’s November, we are on the downhill slide of 2014…I can hear the swoosh…

but I am content.

Just like that.

It’s so crazy how that happens.

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