Ring Them Bells

The first weekend that we’ve had zero obligations proved to be a very sparkly one indeed.

Yesterday, as Mark and I lay in the bed watching tv, chicken soup simmering on the stove, rain pouring down outside and all of the animals napping on the bed…the landline phone rang.

Yes. We have a landline. That’s a whole nuther post.

The voice on the answering machine told us that my ring was ready for pickup!

I think I gasped all of the air out of the room. We both grinned and got excited. After a bit he got up and got in the shower and went to “run some errands”

I too jumped in the shower and did the quickest hair/makeup cleanup known to man. One couldn’t be Saturday Stinky in front of The Ring for the first time. It just isn’t done.

When he returned we were both just grinning.

“Do you want to go out to a romantic dinner or do you want it here?”

I want it HERE. We have homemade soup on the stove. It’s raining. We’ve been laying on the bed with the animals all day watching tv and laughing and talking and being wholly relaxed. THIS is the life I love. This is where we should do it.

Ok. Hang on he says, then comes back in with champagne for the both of us and tells me some of the sweetest words and opened the box.


There it sat in that little gorgeous box. Perfect. Timeless. Classic.

When I was little, and even not so little, in various stages of my life I dreamed of this. I dreamed of having a house like this, and a dog like that and a man like him and a ring like that. Mind you, I never thought I would get any of it. Ever. It was just a gorgeous, idyllic dream.

Our ring adventure has been a little bit of a rocky one, and yes we did get engaged October 17th. But when he slipped that ring on my finger at 6pm on November 22nd and said “Shit just got REALLY real”  I said a little prayer of thanks.

Not for this beautiful gorgeous gift I had just received, but for this life that I’m sharing and this family that I have.

I said thanks for the ring too. I mean come on. I’m not a hillbilly.


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