The Most Thankful

I don’t think it’s been a secret that work has pretty much eaten my life since I started this job. It’s been fierce. I’ve made the statement that it is the most intense, most pressure filled, most gut wrenching job I have ever had.

If you have ever seen my resume, you know thats saying something.

I have started to consider other alternatives. Different positions within the company. Different organizations altogether. Considering. All of it.

Today I worked with Molly and came up with some really good results, then we finished our tasks and went to lunch and went shampoo shopping and then went to happy hour.

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. There MUST BE HAPPY HOUR. Our men joined us and there was much laughter and some venting and more laughter and stories and high fives and laughter.

I cannot tell you how much good that entire thing did for my soul.



So tonight, my bird is brining. We travel to Mark’s family tomorrow. I will cook our meal and put it in the fridge before we leave. We like to have leftovers. It’s my favorite meal to cook. So I decided that going to someone else’s house for the day shouldn’t cancel out my joy in cooking my favorite meal.  We will get up tomorrow, we will snuggle our livestock. I will get the bird in the oven and the other bits put together. We will put some polish on the house and then head north. We will gather with family and eat delicious food and then gather with friends and then I’ll get to see my Mom and Bonus Dad tomorrow night.

Friday consists of shopping for my list and for my foster kids wish lists. And our leftovers. I’m very excited for that cold turkey sandwich, turkey noodle casserole, turkey noodle soup…whatever. Friday also has facetime with the PseudoFam! GAWD I’ve missed them. Saturday evening is facetime with some other friends. Somewhere in there Mark is going to do some chores for his mom and we are going to hang Christmas lights on the house.

Tis the season ya’ll and I am ever so grateful for all of it. For this cat sleeping on my feet, for my Trish who motivates me at the gym, and even for the stupid ass reading glasses I had to order to wear with my contacts. Because. 44 year old eyes.

but I am thankful for it all.

and thankful for you.

I hope that you are full of fun and joy and food and friends. Parade and dog shows and Home For The Holidays. All things that I love.

I am thankful.

2 thoughts on “The Most Thankful

  1. This year I showed Nan Home for the Holidays for the first time. I was sure she’d seen it. So was she! Just a few minutes in she said, “You know? I don’t think I’ve seen this before.” A little skeptical. Didn’t last long. Not long at all. She loved it! Whew, we can keep her.


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