Lessons on the Full Moon

I generally pay attention to the moon cycle. I’ve always been drawn more to moon watching than star gazing. I know the world tends to get a little wonky around the full moon and so generally, I’m prepared.

Not the case this week.

Not the case at all.

Between the last week of re-entry after Thanksgiving, which wasn’t a restful weekend break for us at all, the current job became one full of incredible deadlines and a major recruitment project. I also got notification of the new job and working on the transition in real life and in my brain was crazy. One foot in, one foot out, but still in, kind of thing. Mark’s work came with it’s own issues as did his volunteer gig. GAH. We would just make ambient noises at each other in the hallway.

By Thursday we were worn out. Like, unzipped, turned inside out and zipped back up with everything raw on the outside. We just wanted a night at home and I just wanted to watch Peter Pan Live. That wasn’t to be.

By Friday we had both been in and out of meetings, dealing with phones blowing up and questions and trying to appease those around us while wondering how it was we got to this particular place…which was knee deep in WTF.

Here’s the best part of that whole god awful crazy emotionally draining week:

Friday came and we decided it was the perfect night to buy our Christmas tree. We picked the perfect tree and celebrated with some beers and laughed and talked and held hands and decided that everyone was batshit and we were going to continue to forge the path we were on.

It was glorious.

The weekend was a good one. We had some obligations, such as my work holiday party. But we did get the tree decorated and watched some football. We got the house picked up and I bought groceries and toilet paper and coffee.

I report to the new job tomorrow at 8am. Which means I leave here at 7am. I hate early morning call times like this. Hate it. I don’t officially transition until next Monday, but orientation begins this week. I’m excited. I’m excited to make the leap, fully aware that every experience and lesson learned up to date will be in use starting tomorrow. All roads lead to here, right?

Tonight, I’m alone with the animals. Mark is at the Depot for a show. I’m sitting in my living room sipping some mint tea with all the lights off except the tree. I’m waiting for Newsroom to come on and I’m working on enjoying the peace and calm.

Peace. Calm. Working on it.

It’s especially difficult this time of year to snag these moments. It doesn’t come naturally, between the hustle and the bustle.

Truth be told it’s not easy tonight. With nothing nagging me, the laundry is done, the house is fine. But my mind is jumpy and anxious.

So tonight, I’ll be here, working on the peace and the calm. . . and looking to the moon to be a little less crazy.

One thought on “Lessons on the Full Moon

  1. i totally get this. We lead very different lives than you and Mark, but it has been draining here too in ways. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough left over for you. But as all those other things, it is a season. You can endure for a little longer and when you are fully going in thus new job, you will breathe again. Hang in there.


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