One Foot In…

First day of the new job today…well not really. First official day is next Monday. But the training and the easing over into the new department started today.

My brain is full. Full of information I need to absorb, full of websites and passwords and platforms to manage. Full of what if’s and different scenarios and absolutes. I’m behind in this job and not quite out of the Recruitment job and working on that major major project that we launched today….gah.

I left the house before 7am today to navigate the commute and traffic. That won’t be the norm but way more likely to happen than before. That blows. But there will come a day when I get to work from my office here, and that refuge makes me happy.

All is well.

One thought on “One Foot In…

  1. Talk to Mark about a password manager. They are free to cheap and will save your bacon. I just put my stuff in Evernote and since it’s on my phone I always have it with me. But Mark might know of one that’s better. Yeah! New Job!


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