Sitting here propped up in my bed, watching the Food Network, sipping coffee I’m thinking about how fierce the past two weeks have been. Not just for me, but for most of the people I work with and connect with. Next week is even worse. I officially start my new job, start the new commute and begin our giant recruitment campaign that has me working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday next week.

Today however, I’m taking a few moments to myself. Sipping coffee, being still and quiet.

I got my wedding dress this week! I had some small anxiety for the delivery, but it arrived and it was as gorgeous as I remember. I haven’t tried it on yet. But will probably do that today. Maybe. Our schedule is batshit crazy. We had Mark’s mom’s birthday gathering on Thursday, his Christmas party with his work friends on Friday, a fundraiser party at Trisha’s tonight.

Yesterday was extra special. I got about 30 minutes of real life face time with Becky. I haven’t seen her face in way too long. She got to see the house, meet Winnie, see the dress. That was when we both burst into tears. Lord I miss her.

I got to spend some time with Bill yesterday too, talking shop, social media/work, talking about life.

Tis the season for gathering with friends and family! In spite of the hectic pace, it fills my soul. Makes me happy for the connections.

So this morning, before we begin the crazy here in a few hours…I sit. I sip. I enjoy.

Cheers to you!


One thought on “WHEW!

  1. It WILL be a crazy week for you. Just remember all those other good things brewing in your life. I will think good thoughts of energy and calm and wisdom for you this week.


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