So my first official day in the MarComm department was 12 hours long.

Which is fine, because yesterday I did exactly zero things productive. I ate hangover food and slept and watched Gilmore Girls and slept and ate more hangover food. Because apparently it was my duty to drink ALL of the wine at Trisha’s holiday fundraiser on Saturday night.

Doing zero things on Sunday makes one well rested or the First Monday of Hell Week.

Today was a good day.  I have the beginnings of a social media plan, I have future plans and tasks. I had meetings and more meetings. I had lunch with our LTYM 2015 local cause and got super pumped about LTYM:OKC all over again. I helped launch the week of Frozen Friendzey Recruitment events, and while I got home well over 12 hours after I left this morning, It was a good day.

This was the right move for me. I feel really solid in that.

Now I’m going to continue to glug this water and rehydrate my body from the weekend ridiculous and research printing options for the wedding invites.

Life is good.

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