Finally Friday

I was texting with my sis a few weeks ago, asking how things were in her world. Her reply: “Just living for the weekends and they go way too fast.”

I can relate.

We have been doing the exact same thing at this house. And even when the weekend gets here, we are jam packed. Mark has to work Depot shows, I am still working recruitment events through Sunday. It’s just . . . ugh.

I know we are all so ready for some time off. So beyond ready. This time next week I’ll be waking up at my sister’s house, sipping coffee, making plans to go stock up on Christmas stuff, like wrapping, gift bags and other things for cheap. We won’t be rushed. We are staying several days. I couldn’t be more excited if I tried.

We will celebrate with Mark’s family on Sunday here at our house. It will be a week full of family. That in itself will be wonderful, but to know we get another week for just ourselves after that one?

Oh man. I’m so ready. So beyond ready.

Happy Friday ya’ll

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