Christmas Vacation

It’s the first day of a much needed, much deserved break. Well, for me anyway. Mark is going to work but hopefully won’t have a full day.

I’m sipping coffee, making my list. I’ve got Winnie scheduled for a vet visit at 4:30. Her back legs/hips/something are wonky. It started yesterday or the day before and while it’s not apparent every minute, we have convinced ourselves (thanks to the interwebs) that she has the hip dysplasya  and have gone into helicopter parent mode. Is that a real thing if you don’t have human children? Because I think that’s a real thing.

I’m getting up in a few minutes and heading to our mall for the last bits of shopping and errands and hopefully will be home before noon to start cleaning this house. We are hosting Christmas here with Mark’s family on Sunday. Remember last year when we hauled ass home on Christmas day to come back and host here that evening? I think we all decided that was too much, and during discussions of when where what who for this year, well it was confusing. I haven’t found my voice in terms of navigating holidays with another family. I feel awkward and imposing and I know that all comes with just figuring it out. I know that traveling to see my family puts a kink into what has always been done in previous years but I think we’re working on a fair and balanced way to do this thing. Anyways, I’m going to get some shopping done for our meal on Sunday and hopefully as much of the house cleaning as we can possibly do before we head to Arkansas…just forward thinking and don’t want the few hours when we return to be spent frantically cleaning and shopping and cooking. I want to enjoy the family time and the vacation and I want Mark to enjoy it too.

I also want to be able to cut away for a few hours hopefully Saturday after we get back and see out of towners who are here. So…that’s my plan.

Tonight is Christmas Adam with the Pseudo Family. It is one of my most favorite, treasured traditions. To say that I’m excited to spend some time with this chosen family, is the understatement of the year.

So happy Christmas Adam to you all. I’m up and throwing on clothes and getting ready to hit the ground somewhat running.

Here’s a favorite for you today…I can’t wait to watch this with my family this week.

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