A Week of Ahhhhhhhh

One of the best things about the holidays is that after they’re all over, I have a clean house.  Another really great thing about this particular season is that after all of the gatherings are behind us, Mark and I still have some days off, or at minimum days where we can work a bit from home, while we cat nap, stay in our soft pants and sip coffee all day long. We both needed it.

Our Christmas was wonderful. We spent a few days with my family in Arkansas. I was down with a weird stomach thing for a day, and that absolutely sucked, but all in all it was good to see everyone. We gathered with Mark’s tribe on Sunday, ate a meal and opened gifts, laughed and talked. It was a week of abundance and love and it felt really great.

We have a few plans this week, some projects we want to accomplish in the house, (I want to organize my closet) and some wedding details.  I pick up the invites today, with the big mail out on Monday. I also want to take my dress over to Trisha’s and try it on, discuss the final details, I have GOT to get some shoes!

On NYE I get to officiate a wedding between two of my favorite people. Thursday night is grown up card games with friends. Friday night we have tickets to see The Book of Mormon. We have 7 more Harry Potter movies to watch, I’m re-watching Outlander and have started Peaky Blinders on Netflix. There are movies in the theatre that are on our list to to-do’s if we get to them.

So lots of good things in store for us, nothing that brings dread or anxiety.

The next few months are going to be chock full. Work is gearing up for Cookie Sale. I have many deadlines and projects that await, still finding my way and navigating the job. It will be a joy, though, to go back with my own give-a-shit-coffers re-filled.

Listen To Your Mother: OKC is gearing up to accept submissions. We will make our official announcement soon, followed with auditions, cast gatherings/rehearsals on the schedule.

The Wedding is really almost finished. There are a few things to get. Mark’s ring, his clothing for the day, my shoes, final decisions on catering, flowers. It seems like a lot, but really we have the big stuff. I’m super super happy with our music selection, I think we’ll have a fabulous party with our favorite people.

So…yeah. The calendar is fat with fun and joy and work, but you know me. You know I love a brand new year.

Everything is possible on a fresh calendar.


3 thoughts on “A Week of Ahhhhhhhh

  1. Sorry I missed seeing your face this trip. Enjoy your week of relaxation. It will be the end of February before we know it and then we’ll be celebrating something really big and awesome.


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