The last few hours of vacation are being well spent. We have removed Christmas from the house, packed up again for another year. The floors have been swept, the laundry is caught up, the groceries are bought and the meals are planned. I’ll make my jar salads for the week sometime tomorrow, but will do the prep this afternoon. Today I’m working on wedding invitations, addressing envelopes, stamps everywhere.

It’s been a good break.

I will be ok with getting back to the grind.

I needed this time off.

We slept late, slept well. We saw family and we spent time with friends. We spent countless hours on the couch watching movies and hooking up new sound systems and taking cat naps with actual cats.

I’m working really hard at tamping down the anxiety that is bubbling just under my surface.

I know what’s coming towards us in the next 8 weeks. I know what deadlines I have, what deadlines I’ve already missed, and what must be accomplished between now and then. The good news is that when I come up for air, I’ll be a wife. We will have had one helluva party. The gatherings will be behind us and we will be well on our way to more hours of sunshine and beautiful signs of Spring.

Today is for doing what needs to be done to not worry about any of it. Today is an exercise in self-preservation and practicing what I oftentimes preach.

Today is for breathing. For loving each moment. For peaceful moments and to keep the worry and anxiety at bay.

It’s for cups of tea, and looking for wedding shoes online. It’s for knowing that there’s still another day before the madness begins.



One thought on “Bubbling

  1. I have thought about you a lot this winter. In the past few years you have had so MUCH change, enough to truly make one’s head spin. But I love that you see these anchors in your life and keep them strong and while pushing yourself to adventures and work and growth.


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