The Longest Week. Ever.

I asked someone today if we had only been back at work for one week. I swear it seems like two.

It’s really my first full week in the new position. And of course I’m swimming. Just dog paddling to keep my head above the water. I’ve not been home before 7pm one single night, and I have an event on Saturday morning so not really even a full weekend to regroup. This is the last piece of the old job that I didn’t want to pass off to someone else. I’ve worked on this project with Holly since it’s inception and I think it’s going to be a good one. We are having a career empowerment day. I have put together a panel of really truely inspiring, amazing, professional women and we’re going to talk about jobs. We’re going to tell our “when I grow up I’m gonna be a…” stories. We will have hands on/break out sessions for the girls so it’s not all boring grown ups talking. There will be fun patches distributed and all will be finished by 12:30.

But like most events, this one has eaten quite a bit of time that should be delegated to other work. Like writing the volunteer newsletter that should’ve gone out on Monday. It’ll go out next Monday. Or developing content for FB for the next month or whatever. I did do a webinar about the FB and how to get more likes/shares/comments and navigation of the whole social platform today. It was pretty interesting.

Tomorrow I have to leave my house at 7am and get to an 8am meeting. It’s a whirl wind of a day that will fly by in a blink I’m sure.

We did some big things here this week too. We got our home theatre/surround sound all put together. And by we I mean Mark did.

LTYM OKC is officially open for business. Our show is April 26. It’s the same day as the Memorial Marathon and I hate that, but the times don’t compete so we’re motoring along. I just checked and we’ve had several submissions already! I’ve got to start working on sponsorships.

I got the wedding invites in the mail and have started to receive RSVPs. Which makes me giddy.

I made my mason jar salads for the week on Sunday and have eaten a good healthy lunch daily w/o spending money. They’ve been quite the success.

We watched another Harry Potter movie, number 6 out of 8. Only two more left. The surround sound makes it just ridiculously cool. Winnie thinks it’s bullshit though. Those rear speakers piss her off. She barks at the corners of the room.

And just like that, the first week is down.


We have 51 days until the wedding.

3 months and 17 days until LTYM.

1 day until my Career Empowerment Event.

tick tock tick tock tick tock

The week is long. Yet the time flies.

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