I meant to write last week, more than once I felt the urge to sit and type the words. Finishing the first real week of the new job, the commute, taking lunches, prepping dinners for the evening. It was a week where my brain was on the next task, as well as thinking and planning a full 5 hours ahead of time, scheduling posts for the fb page, working on newsletters for the next month, but mostly working on the event that I had yesterday.

It’s no wonder I slept until 9:45 this morning, right? That’s what I’m telling myself at least.

But here I am, Mark made me coffee and turned on the CBS Sunday Morning via our “time machine” as he calls it, and I can just be in the moment.

I do want to tell you about this event we did yesterday. Holly and I began work on this back when my title was CDE. When we reorganized and I went to Recruitment, I kept it and when I moved into Mar/Com I kept it. No way was I going to give this away after all that work we had done.

Any event makes me nervous. Will people come? Did anyone read the flyers that went home in Thursday Folders? Did anyone see our FB post? Will it be worth the time of the panel, each one giving us time (for free) out of their busy lives AND on a Saturday…will it be worthwhile for them?

This was a career empowerment workshop for girls. Holly and I put together a panel of professional women to speak to the girls about their careers. We then had some break out/hands on sessions after and each girl got to leave with two career based fun patches. This was all free and sponsored by United Way of Norman.

Our panel was this:

Julie Lamb, licensed counselor and director of GOALS program at Redlands Commuinty College

April Heiple, e.d. of Food and Shelter for Friends (our homeless shelter/food kitchen in Norman)

Sheradee Hurst, owner and photographer of Sheradee Hurst Photography

Representative Emily Virgin, state rep over this district

Shannon Evers, GSWESTOK CEO

Sharon Tabb, owner Sharon Tabb Makeup, professional makeup artist

Joy Hampton, senior reporter of the Norman Transcript

Kim Fields, director of Blue Thumb Education program/OK Conservation Commission

Bonnie Blumert, public defender

Carrie Blumert, public health and yoga instructor

Rachel Norris, OU grad student in Meteorology and GS Gold Award Recipient

These women answered questions like “what was your first job? How did you get this job?If you could do anything else what would it be? Did anyone ever tell you you couldn’t do this job? How did you deal with that?”

The women were amazing. They were thoughtful and deliberate in their answers, making sure they spoke to the girls on their level, talking about successes and failures. Talking to them about mentorship and not being afraid to ask for things. Parents were asking questions too. We used up our entire hour (which I was worried about) and had two really shining moments that I want to tell you about. One girl asked the panel how many of them were Girl Scouts when they were young. And this wasn’t one of the planted questions we handed out to girls to ask, it was completely organic.


I had no idea when I asked these women. It wasn’t a requirement, I just wanted them on the panel.


And a dad in the audience asked the panel, How did they get the confidence to do this job, how did they get the skills and self esteem to make it and our panel just opened up and loved him. “What an amazing dad to be here and be involved in your daughter’s life” sentiments like that poured forth and one little girl with short sandy blond hair and a turquoise sequined shirt popped up her fist and yelled “He’s MY dad!”

Oh My Heart.

One of our panelists spoke about having discouragement from her family at the beginning of her career (she’s completely amazing and successful today) and then had a conversation with a mom in the audience about how she had said some of the same negative things to her daughter and wanted to go talk to her and change that.

Girls and parents were very happy with the program. We had a photog from the Oklahoman, and he took some great pics. I feel like it was a success. Holly and I worked on the tornado event last year, remember that? We work well together. I’m always proud of what we accomplish.

Wedding invites went out last week, RSVPs are rolling in. It’s my favorite thing of the day, getting the mail. We looked at a few hotel options this weekend and I’m calling tomorrow to get info on blocking rooms.

LTYM submissions are also rolling in. I’ve got to start the sponsorship asks. I always worry that no one will say yes. No one will want to help us produce this amazing show. It has worked out the last two years, and I have faith in this year too. But it’s a lot of work and I feel pressure in that area.

So much going on. I’m going to finish my coffee, get more and then start making a list and a timeline of tasks, events, deadlines. I’ll probably watch the last few eps of Gilmore Girls and watch last weeks’ Parenthood. Grocery store, meal prep for next week, Golden Globes tonight.

I’m looking forward to next week, getting more settled into a routine, getting more comfortable in the new job. Cheers to more opportunities to get it right.

More possibilities of success

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