Deadlines are my ruling force these days.

Cookies. All of the media both social and actual that have to happen before during and after.

Annual Meeting. It’s this Saturday so while this week and the past two days in particular have been a big bag of nuts, it’ll be over soon enough. Annual Meeting is a big deal though, and I’m a facilitator in a Strategy session and that is in itself a little daunting, as things must stay on track.

The Wedding. RSVPs are coming in, yet those that I really thought I would hear something from, either yay or nay, I’ve heard nothing. I’m worried that some didn’t get their invitations. But we’ll just wait it out and see. I’ve got a bit of time yet before it becomes dire.

The details are coming together.

We did go ahead and register. Because there have been questions, and wants and we needed to do something.

Our registry is found HERE.

I’ve still got a few pieces to get surrounding my dress ensemble. Mark is to get his clothes. We must get the house prepped for company. We need to figure out the night before/Non-Rehearsal Dinner thing.  We are starting to schedule pick-up times at the airport for our friends and family. It’s coming together, yet I wake up with one thing or another on my mind every night.

LTYM:OKC is upon us. We are getting submissions in each day and that is always such a relief. People are really interested, they want to be a part of this. I’m excited to see people read their stories. My major worry is sponsorships. I’ve got to start pitching. I worry that no one will help support us in this way. I worry about it every year.



Man. They’re kind of a bitch.

But then I look at things on the Red Rocks Concert Calendar in May and I think…I’ll be married, finished with cookie sale and already thinking about next year’s LTYM by then.

Until then I’ve got my essential oils and some otc sleep aid. I’m out of Ambien and who the hell has time to go get more?

One thought on “Deadlines

  1. I just realized that there is something happening for us every single weekend in February and on into March. Stressful enough without a wedding to plan. But it will all, ALL OF IT, come together as it should.


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