Peace Within the Storm

The weather. Ohholyshitthebed can we just forget about the weather this weekend? The forecasters have been all over the place in terms of severity and amounts, but what they are all agreeing on is that we will have some weather starting tomorrow and continuing through the weekend.

It looks like the flights will all get here fine. That’s good. Now we worry about road conditions in the state. Several guests are making plans to get a room here in Norman or planning to spend the night with friends and family locally, so as not to have to drive home, and just not knowing how it will be. This is a good plan. Because what we all know about Oklahoma weather is:

WHO KNOWS what it’ll do!

I’m actually hoping for some snow wedding photos. Truely.

Elizabeth got here yesterday and other than a few bathrooms that need scrubbing the house is ready. We are heading to El Reno today to pick up supplies, see friends then back to Norman where she will go do some dog training with clients and I’ll run errands  for things like floral tape, greenery and last bits of flowers, groceries for the house, last of the thank you gifts. I may actually try to sneak in my mani-pedi today rather than tomorrow. So lot’s of moving parts.

A few friends are flying in today. The rest of friends and family come in tomorrow. I’m so excited to see everyone.

Now. Back to my list.

One thought on “Peace Within the Storm

  1. Even if the weather keeps us home, we will be thinking of you two. Know that we are soooo happy and thankful that you found each other.


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