Every Year…It Happens

We have a cast!!!

LTYM:OKC 2015 has officially announced our cast for this year’s show and we are beyond thrilled with the stories.

We had more people audition this year than we have ever had in years past and it really was a much harder casting experience than before. The show always presents itself. Julie, Heather and I are amazed that it happens that way every year and yet…every year it does. It doesn’t help that we have to send out more Regrets than Congrats…but it’s part of the process. We heard such beautiful stories this year. Some that I wish we had heard in previous years and some that I will want to hear in coming years.

This show though…well. Whooweee!

We can’t wait until we all get together and meet each other, connect and begin to build that special community which…for me is the true heart of this movement.

Yes, I know it’s about giving motherhood a microphone. It’s about giving a voice to that story that each of us has deep inside, about validating that space where we live, where the quiet is deep and heavy and sometimes filled with darkness. It’s about shining a light out from that place and hearing the laughter and honoring those words.

Because once we hear it, we cannot “un-hear” it. Right? To paraphrase When Harry Met Sally…you can’t take it back because it’s already out there. Out There. Floating around in the flotsam and jetsam of our world, landing in the space between thoughts and settling in…waiting to bubble up at the exact needed time…to make an impact or to pronounce THIS HAPPENED AND HERE I AM.

I also know that it is about providing this beautiful thing for our community. Not only an afternoon of celebration and joy and emotion, but also by giving to our local cause. Reach Out and Read: Oklahoma is an organization that is doing the work of angels. With a staff of ONE.

Pediatricians are actually prescribing reading in their well-child/well-baby services. We all understand the power of words, and reading to our children. Now the American Academy of Pediactrics is backing it with all of their might, and Reach Out and Read Oklahoma is helping them. They provide books to clinics around our state, every child seen can get a free book to take home. How amazing is that? We are beyond excited to help support them, to showcase their work in our state and to launch a day of show book drive to provide the children in our state with books! THIS. THIS is such an honor to be a part of!

But I will tell you, for me personally, these aren’t the driving forces behind dedicating the time and money and energy into producing and directing this show.

For me…it’s the Connection.

It’s the Community.

It’s about finding that person that you may never have ever had a chance to meet, and knowing that you will be friends forever.

It’s about hearing your cast member’s story and feeling such a gut punch of “Me Too” that you are connected.

It’s about that moment where you all, each cast member, takes that step right into the most vulnerable and unknown place, and feeling each hand holding you up.

We may not all talk every day like we used to. Some of us may not continue our “real life” get togethers. Life is busy, so so busy. We may not all get to jump in and participate on every level like we want.

But what we take away from the show is that we are now part of something bigger.

We are part of a community that we never knew we wanted.

We are part of a family that we never knew we even needed.

And that, my friends…is what keeps us all coming back.


Big fat juicy CONGRATS to the cast of this year’s LTYM:OKC show!

Get your tickets here and get them fast. We sold some about five minutes after the link went live this year…don’t risk missing out!

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