Week Two

We celebrated our Two Week anniversary last weekend with two whole days without obligation. We slept in. We said YES to invitations that came at the spur of the moment. We spent wedding present gift cards. We came home with a Yeti Cooler for me and a Philco Predicta tv circa 1958 for him.

It was a fabulous weekend.

The week wasn’t too terribly awful either…until Thursday.

Most of my co-workers and I spent the day on Wednesday at our Girls Day at the Capitol signature event.

Sweetmotherofpearl it was exhausting.

The marble floors. Schlepping stuff from here to there. All. Those. Girls.


Thursday proved one part manic and one part stabby for most all of us. The manic part won out and we laughed and laughed. We shared beers in celebration of Jessica’s impending birthday and Holly & Ben’s impending wedding this weekend. It was a good way to end the stabby day.

And today I got to work in Norman and write without interruption. Glorious.

I get paid to write.

How ’bout them apples? I had that epiphany a week or so ago. I get paid. To write. Dreams come true, sometimes they are wearing a disguise but they do come true.

It’s like the ending of Under the Tuscan Sun…when she realizes she has everything she ever dreamed of…just in a different way.

That always resonated with me. From the first viewing/reading. And it’s quite true.

Tonight there has been Winnie walk, wine, I’ve ordered pad thai, I finished House of Cards. DAMNIT. It’s over. I guess I’ll rewatch Kimmie Schmidt. And that’s about it.

I’ve got some LTYM work to do this weekend. Finalizing the sponsorships, prepping the printing. We finally meet as a cast next weekend and I’m so excited for that! Our ticket sales are going like gangbusters this week and that is SO encouraging! And through horrible horrible life twists and turns, I’ve reconnected with a sister of my soul. I ache for her pain, and at the same time see her amazing glory that shines and will just blind us all when this stupid thing is behind her.

So it’s been a good week. I hit NYC soon, I get to be at the NYC LTYM Book Launch event, which is exciting. My work team will go too, and that’s super cool April is that month that may eat us whole, but I already have a weekend camp trip planned with my sisser and her family for Memorial Day, so that’s super cool.

Cheer’s to a fab weekend!

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