Things I Love Friday

Week one navigating a life with zero major events to produce has been lovely. Really. Lovely.

Home cooked meals in the evening, and that isn’t much of a shift, I do try to plan and cook at least 4 nights out of the 7, but lately it was more like 1 night and we would get take out or walk across to the Mont. So that was nice.

We spent time together, my husband and I and we were PRESENT. Neither of us were working on something else, answering emails, head in the phones (*that’s always me btw) we were present. We took Winnie Walks, we watched The Voice (save your disdain. I have no patience for it) and laughed and did our own critiquing. Mark’s go-to? “That’s a horrible song. Just horrible. Why did they pick that song.” Mine is: “Awwww they look so pretty!”

We went to see David Sedaris with Trish and laughed and laughed. We saw many friends in the audience, saying hello and being part of this world where great stuff happens. Participating.

I Love These Things.

Work has been great as well. Maybe because it’s the only thing I have to worry about, now. But I love that I laugh at work. I laugh a lot. There is stress, and deadlines and some prickly moments that come with working in any kind of office environment. But seriously. I laugh with my co-workers a great deal and the fact that that is a precious and rare thing isn’t lost on me.

I love that.

The sun has been shining and the weather is perfect. That goes a long way for my mental health and I love being able to get home and take long walks in our neighborhood.

I love that even though this weekend is chock full of events and some work, I will be around friends, I get to officiate a wedding tomorrow, I get to sit in a theatre on Sunday and watch my favorite kiddos perform.

We have our Girl Awards Ceremony tomorrow in OKC, and while it *is work, I’ll get to watch as over 200 of our girls are acknowledged for projects that they have finished, projects that directly give back and make an impact on their communities. They will receive their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards and that is quite a thing to celebrate.

Tomorrow night we get to be couples with another couple and have dinner and play cards against humanity and laugh and be silly.

I love this weekend.

Today is a semi-flex day for me. I get to finish up some writing, working from Norman which means no traffic-laden commute. Fridays are early days for us so I plan to go buy some of my flowers and things for the garden and finally get that planted Sunday after the showcase.

I love the anticipation of finally getting to plant.

It’s May. It’s a brand new month and at the end of it we get a long weekend camping with my Sis and her family.

Lot’s of things to love about that.


Happy May Day ya’ll.


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